Information provided

  The object of this homepage is to provide general information on beneficiary securities and does not purport to recommend or solicit the buying or selling of beneficiary securities. When purchasing beneficiary securities, be sure to consult your prospectus or beneficiary securities manual before reaching your own decisions. Please be advised that identical securities holdings, financial products and services to those presented on this homepage may be sold or held by other funds the company manages. Although all of the information provided has been created from reliable data sources, this does not represent a guarantee of accuracy.

Market forecasts

  Forecasts are based on our own independent data and judgements, and do not represent a guarantee of future results or price movements. They may be changed without prior notice.

Base fund values

  Past movements in base values and dividend returns that we present do not represent forecasts of future movements in base values and other trends. Investment trusts invest in securities (stocks and shares, bonds, etc.) which are subject to price movements, and do not, therefore, guarantee capital. Investing in foreign-currency securities also carries the risk of currency movements. Investment trust products are not covered by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan.

Personal information

  We may sometimes contact customers via the post using personal details obtained through this homepage or by email. This information may also be used by the Shiozumi Asset Management Group.

Information under links

  This home page may be connected to link destinations set up by us, and other link destinations, but the company bears no responsibility whatsoever for the information to be found under those links.


  Any legal suit, action or proceeding relating to this web-site shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court and is governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese laws.

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