Shiozumi Japan Opportunities Fund (SJOF)

The Fund was established on 8th August, 1990 as a Unit Trust in Bermuda. The manager of the Fund is Shiozumi Investment Management (Bermuda) Ltd.

The Fund is usually valued as at the close of business in Bermuda on Each Dealing Day (normally the 15th day and the last Business Day in each month).

Prospectus(Prospectus.pdf 10.4MB)
Side Letter to Unit Holders regarding change of name of the Fund's Trustee July 2016(change_of_name_of_the_Funds_Trustee.pdf 233KB)
Side Letter to Prospectus regarding change in Administrator Aug 2014(change_in_administrator.pdf 440KB)
Side Letter to Prospectus regarding change in Payment Instructions Feb 2014(change_in_payment_instructions.pdf 277KB)
Addendum to Application Form Feb 2014(SJOF_Addendum_to_Application_Form_Feb_2014.pdf 138KB)

Legal Notice