CEO : Hideo Shiozumi

Shiozumi's Investment Strategy



Shiozumi Asset Management Co., Ltd. was registered and licensed in Japan in 2001 to provide highly specialized expertise in Japanese investment portfolio management.

The history of Shiozumi Asset Management Co., Ltd.
2001 Registered and licensed in Japan.
1990 Established in Hong Kong as Shiozumi Investment Limited.

  1. Close communicatioin

    We welcome frequent visits to our office from our clients who are traveling in Asia. We also make a point of an annual business call. Frequent telephone contact is the norm.

  2. Consistent reporting

    The company strives to provide timely, accurate, and consistent reports in the strictest of confidentiality.

  3. Compensation

    Dependent upon client wishes, compensation for services of Shiozumi Asset Management Co., Ltd. can be either a fixed percentage fee or an incentive fee tied directly to the performance of the portfolio.



Proxy Voting Policy [PDF 385KB]
(Revised in November 2020)



Shiozumi Asset Management Co., Ltd. has a distinctive and, focused investment perspective and style which stands it apart from its competitors.

Shiozumi Asset Management Competitors
Investment Orientation Experienced, western, and long term focused with roots grounded in local Japan market knowledge Frequently inexperienced, short term in focus with little first hand knowledge of Japanese market
Strategy Foundation New Japanese consumer Manufacturing
Strategy Medium-term high growth at reasonable PE multiples with focus on Japan's smaller companies "Yesterday's" conventional large-cap emphasis
Portfolio Concentrated (30-60stocks) Diluted(50-100 stocks), index-directed
Sector Emphasis Service and retail/distribution Scattered without focus
Turnover Low High
Stock Selection Strategic, long term Short term, trading-oriented
Operational Dimension Seeks opportunities Avoids risks

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